We have all been the new person in the neighborhood. We all know that feeling, and we know that sometimes the first step to debut can be the hardest. Personally, when I am with people I know and am comfortable with. People I have known for some time, I am not introverted in the least. I am not silent, I talk until they tell me to shush. Rarely can we be comfortable with people we just met.

Traveling around recently and having to meet numerous people, I’ve found that when people have used these ideas with me, It has made the introduction situation a lot easier for all. The upcoming eleven great ways to introduce yourself, specifically within an RV community, might help you work around social shells and assist start great relationships in the community you’ll be staying for the next few days, months, or years (depending on your travel plans).

So let’s get started, the first four thoughts I like to consider the gateway to debut. Anyone can ask a question, make a comment or give a compliment. Any of these make easing into an introduction a little easier.

1. Wave and Smile

Unless another person is in an auto, RV, truck, or bike, the majority of people are outgoing will stop and speak to you. Smiles are demonstrated to be inviting. Smiles invite conversation with others. Conversations usually require introduction.

Since visiting several RV communities, even when going out with my husband (who is a very outgoing person), I’ve noticed that smiles have started innumerable conversations with community members. Previous unknown community members who now I can not wait to return and visit later.

Many fantastic friendships in RV communities, begin with a wave and a friendly smile.

2. Ask a question

If you’re new to any community, unless it’s a model of a prior place you have visited before, you’re going to have questions. Most small and medium size communities have maps and welcome packets that include a whole lot of information. But asking a question is a way not to

You may ask your neighbor, Where’s recycling situated? Which direction is the black and grey tank dump?

Very rarely will you run into somebody who will answer your question and walk away. I am not saying it won’t ever happen, it’s just rare.

3. Make a comment

This idea is similar to asking a question. Creating a comment is extremely easy. It also invites further conversation. You may also be able to find common ground with the other person. There are instances when first discovering you’ve got things in common, will put you at ease and make conversation that much simpler.

4. Give a compliment

Those are opportunities for introduction. Take the chance if you enjoy something, say so. Just about everyone enjoys compliments.

Example:”I enjoy your Sun hat, it is a pretty shade of green.”

This example may seem silly but bear in mind, it is a simple and easy way to start a conversation and present oneself.

5. Walk our Canine Companion

For their exercise and interacting with other dogs. Walking your companion not only gives your pet needed exercise whilst living in an RV, but opens the door to speak to neighbors. Largely about dogs, but this also is a gateway to introduction.

While walking you could be asked about your pet, many will want to stop and say hello and potentially pet your companion. Or they might mention that they saw you walking or her earlier. Then in conversation, introductions are usually made.


All the RV parks we’ve visited in 2016 have a community gathering place. When living in such a small community of people community centers are wonderful places to gather for games, ice cream socials, card games, and other activities. Perhaps the parks welcome package will have a calendar of events. This is another great way to satisfy your community neighbors.

7. Take a tour of the Neighborhood

Most RV communities provide tours of the RV websites. This helps with continuity in the community, as most people living the RV lifestyle travel the majority of the year. Sign up for a tour of the Whole RV park. Your guide may introduce you to the people you see on the way.

You may also be able to remember where you met others which may also help

You recall their names better.


Think about the things that you Use or need daily. (cat or dog) Give something to them instead.

(A toy possibly ). It doesn’t need to be extravagant. When in doubt, keep it simple. I use it every time we go shopping. And it is very much appreciated.

9. Give a handmade item

Have you got a hobby that you enjoy? Can you knit or sew? In case you have an hobby or skill that you like, you can use this to your benefit when introducing yourself to others.

When we first arrived at the desert around southern California, we did not know anyone. We met our host and they basically gave us the rundown on who was there and that would be showing up. One of our neighbors came over and as an introduction she gave us a handmade bag. It’s not only my favourite bag, but I recall her name because I associate it with the bag.

10. Have a gathering at your area/ distance

You can have a small potluck lunch in your RV website. Have everyone bring something. If that seems like too much for you. Have a small get together with your immediate neighbors. (If you have a set. )

If you encourage others to your area, bear in mind that not everyone will adore fufi jumping on them. Until you get to know your neighbors, keep your canine companion at a controllable area.

You have a few options when inviting people over too. It is possible to write hand invitations to your neighbors to the right and left. You can even put up a little sign on your community center in the RV park. More people will show up with this option. Before putting anything up, do not forget to ask what’s allowed on the board.

11. Introduce yourself

The last one is as simple as it gets. If your neighbor is outside, go for it. You can walk right over to them and say”I would like to introduce myself.” and go from there.

Are you aware of great ideas that I didn’t place on our list? Any useful hints for other readers. Find out more at Boynton Beach Rat Removal.

11 Helpful Hints For Making New Friends RVing

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