Leveraged sales are a vital life flow in your MLM business. However, they can fade away if one only relies on their website to sell. It’s time to invoke the power of email and provide your products or personal services through direct contact. Some feel like this is impersonal, but in fact, it’s more effective and more cost efficient to advertise directly to people on an email list than through paid advertisements. Especially if you get the blend of content right with your promotional supplies. This can be tricky but a quick walk through can help you decide on your own on which path is the best to take.

Leveraged Sales and Your Email Marketing Platform

Your email advertising provider has the tools you need to create effective leveraged sales emails that can bring in nice dividends from your time and energy. A cautionary warning, you must give an opt-out for current subscribers if they don’t want these kinds of emails. You can offer a separate email list they could subscribe to if they only want informational resources. In this way you can keep your churn rate from scaling and keep your mails rolling out with the ideal content. This is why you have to be transparent in your sign-up forms for each of your lists.

As you consider your next move with your leveraged sales emails, you may want to blend in certain graphics, links, your offers and your unsubscribe link. The emails do not need to be super intensive or long. They should get to the point immediately, provide valuable and free advice or guidance and then offer a paid option for your subscriber. Among the best formulations for promotional emails is the 60/40 ratio, where 60 percent is useful and valuable information that’s free and the other 40% goes into your paid options, the attributes and other specifications to help them make a choice.

On each leveraged sales email, you need to offer an opt-out link at the bottom or at the top of the email. Earning subscribers is important, this shows that they are interested in hearing from you. Losing subscribers doesn’t feel good, but you could always earn more.

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